Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Max 1HP 800W Review

Presently, many people are using electrical meat grinders to grind meat effectively. And this is how they save time and energy. Manual meat grinders are also beneficial but electric ones save more time and energy. SUNMILE SM-G33 ETL stainless steel meat grinder is one of the best products that you can use in your kitchen effectively. It has the following features:

Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel – Best meat grinder for your home !
  • Its motor power is 400W and maximum power up to 800W. In an hour, 170 lbs. of meat can be ground.
  • Capacity of the tray is huge and its body is made up of stainless steel.
  • In order to operate it easily, only single button is installed in it.
  • The button has reverse function and also circuit breaker which helps to avoid burning.
  • Makes less noise, and has good ventilation.
  • 1 cutting blade made of stainless steel, 1 food pusher made of plastic, cutting plates, 3 in number, also made of stainless steel.
  • Also includes attachments to make sausages of different sizes.


Are you a busy person with tight schedules but at the same time love cooking too? Are you looking for a product that best suits your needs? Then you have landed at the right place! We are reviewing a product that will be beneficial for you when you will want to grind any type of meat in just no time!

You can easily grind pork, beef, mutton, chicken, fish and of course vegetables too! Yes! That’s right! Vegetables can also be ground using this meat grinder for recipes like soup and vegetable bites etc.


Everything has pros as well as cons. This product has as many pros that its cons are easily negligible. All you must have  a high power electricity supply to make it run efficiently!

SUNMILE SM-G33 ETL stainless steel meat grinder:

  • Is easy to use.
  • A speedy little machine.
  • Rust free.
  • Highly powerful.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has huge capacity.
  • Grinds meat finely.
  • Provides you with sausages of the size that you want!
  • And most of all, it is highly recommended by our customers!


So far, the customers who bought this product had a positive experience while using it. They did not complain about anything and recommended it to everybody. People say that they have had a pleasant experience using it because it saves time and energy. They really like its stainless steel body because there is no risk of catching rust even after they have used it for a long time.

One of the customers says she had some surprise guests once and SUNMILE SM-G33 ETL stainless steel meat grinder helped like a best friend! People say it works speedily and so it does!


It is not just what customers said. Just buy this product and go for using it. When you will be using it, you will experience something worth mentioning! It will complete your job with ease and speed. Since it is made of stainless steel, the food will not stick with it. The reverse button will help you get rid of blockages.

It is specially a very handy product for those who are new cooks. It is to use, easy to operate and easy to clean! There is no reaction of the machine elements with the meat that gets ground through it so you get pure meat out of the machine!


Keep in mind the following tips when you clean your SUNMILE SM-G33 ETL stainless steel meat grinder:

  • Always plug it out of the electric switch before washing it
  • DO NOT put the motor into water; just clean its outer surface with a damp cloth.
  • While washing, handle the blades carefully as they are very sharp.
  • It is better to use luke warm soapy water.
  • If you do not wish to use soap, use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide spray to clean it.
  • After washing, dry it with a dry towel and keep in open air to let it get dried completely.


Thus, we conclude that this product is beneficial not only for the budding cooks but also for every homemaker. Its sleek design and shining body is not only attractive but also shows that it has been made from fine stainless steel.

Since customers who have already used this product have provided a 4.8 out of 5 rating for this product, other people will also benefit from it.

We hope that you will also benefit from the product as it is exactly as per the need of our customers. We wish you a pleasant experience!

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