Effective Guide On How To Cook Polish Sausage

If you have traveled to Poland at least once or you fall in love with food, you may know about some popular Polish dishes. There are many delicious and popular dishes that come from Poland such as Polish dumplings, Polish pancakes, cabbage rolls, goulash, Polish croissant cookies, and Polish sausages.

And for the article today, I am going to share with you how to cook Polish sausages effectively. But let’s talk about the benefits of Polish sausages first.

Polish Sausage

What Are The Benefits Of Polish Sausage?

1. Immune Boost

Do you know sausages are a rich source of selenium minerals? And a healthy amount of selenium will boost your immunity. Besides, sausages also help to inhibit cancer cells effectively.

2. Provide Full Calories

About 100 grams of sausage provides 297 calories. Therefore, you just need to eat 200 or 250 grams of Polish sausage, it will help you achieve a huge daily calorie intake.

3. Provide High Protein

Every 100 grams of sausage gives you 12 grams of protein, which is about 8% of the daily protein intake.

Eating Polish sausages will help you meet the protein requirements during pregnancy and ensure the good growth and development of the fetus.

4. Provide Vitamin B

Polish sausages are also rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Both vitamins are the essence of pregnancy.

Vitamin B12 helps prevent the risk of iron deficiency or anemia while you are pregnant. Besides, vitamin B6 helps boost your immunity and boosts the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

For these benefits of Polish sausage, I guess you will choose to eat them more in your daily meals.

But do you think cooking Polish sausage at home will be healthier and more delicious than eating outside? If you agree with that, let’s continue following me to read more about it.

How To Cook Polish Sausage

There are many ways to cook Polish sausage such as pan-frying sausage, boiling sausage, grilling sausage, microwaving sausage, and baking sausage. Each different way makes Polish sausage have different flavors, so you can choose any method you like.

I will share with you clearly how to cook Polish sausage in many different methods.

1. Pan-frying Polish Sausage

First, you turn on the burner to medium heat. Then, you put the pan on the stove and heat the pan for 1 or 2 minutes.

Second, you pour 2 tablespoons of cooking oil into the pan. Please remember not to pour too much oil, because sausages are quite greasy.

After that, you can spread evenly sausages on the pan so that the sausages are cooked on all sides. You could flip them over after three minutes.

Finally, you can know when Polish sausages are done, if you see these sausages turn to be brown on all sides.

Pan-frying Polish Sausage

2. Boiling Polish sausage

First of all, you could fill half of the pan with water. If you like to keep the original flavor of Polish sausage, you can use water to boil it.

But if you want to have more flavor, you could try to mix water with your favorite liquid ingredients such as tomato sauce, wine or beer.

Then, you boil the water for 5 minutes. Furthermore, you could adjust the burner up to the highest level.

After that, you slowly place the sausages into the water but remember to change the burner into the lowest level.

But do you know how long you have to boil Polish sausage?

You have to wait for 30 minutes, and you also need to stir the sausages evenly.

Lastly, when you see the Polish sausages turn to be brown, you can take all of the sausages out.

3. Grilling Polish Sausage

For some people, this method may be the best way to cook the sausage. So do you know what we should do with it?

If you use a gas grill, you will turn it on so that it will be heated. Then, you can change the burner into the medium-high level.

After that, you may see the grill is quite hot, so you will turn it down again. And you spread the Polish sausages evenly on the grill.

Then, let’s flip them over after every 2 minutes so that the sausages will be cooked on all sides. You continue grilling it until you see it turn to be brown.

Grilling Polish Sausage

4. Microwaving Polish Sausage

The most important thing for the method is to have a microwave oven, as this way is much more simple than the three different methods above.

First, you need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. While waiting for that step, you can prepare a metal baking rack and use aluminum foil to cover it.

Then, you evenly spread the Polish sausages on the baking rack. Let’s bake them for 20 minutes and remember to flip them after every 10 minutes.

One tip for you to know baked sausages is that baked Polish sausages look like grilled ones with brown color externally.

It is quite easier than the other methods, right?


Is It Ok For Sausages To Be A Little Pink?

Have you ever been in a case that you cooked sausages but you saw it was a little pink inside? So is it OK for sausages to be a little pink? Let me explain that.

Normally, Polish sausage is completely cooked when pathogenic bacteria are killed and it is safe to eat. As you know, sausages are made from meat that has been minced. That is why cooked sausages sometimes have a little bit of pinkish color internally.

It is hard to say that Polish sausages are cooked by looking through internal colors. Don’t let color put you off. Therefore, I recommend you to have a probe thermometer. You can cook sausages until they reach 75 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds and let’s enjoy Polish sausages whatever internal colors they are.


“Do you know an effective guide on how to cook Polish sausage?”

Well, if you want to cook Polish sausage by yourself, let’s choose one of the methods above. Every different way will give you different flavors.

I hope that these ways might help you to have tasty Polish sausages as you expect.

If you have any contribution, please let us know in the comment section below.