How Long Does Cooking Wine Last?

Have you ever tasted cooking wine? Let me tell you a fact!
You do not need to wonder what cooking wine is because you can understand it correctly in the literal sense. This kind of wine is not used to drink but also to cook, which is the most different feature between cooking wine and regular one.

What is cooking wine?

So, how long can we keep it?
Follow me, I will give you the answer below.

What is cooking wine?

Cooking wine, also called spice wine is a type of wine people usually use as an ingredient in cooking and marinating. It is a combination of wine, salt, sugar, sauces, etc.
With cooking wine, we can make the dishes richer in flavor and more aromatic. Moreover, this kind of wine helps us deodorize foodstuff and makes them ripen faster and softer.
Hold up!
The truth is that not all kinds of alcohol could also be used for cooking and not any dishes can be processed with cooking wine.
Depending on different foods, people can choose the suitable sort of wine. There are a lot of kinds of wine for us to choose from, such as sweet white wine, nutty wine, red wine, rice wine, etc.

How to store your wine?

The key thing to remember when you store wine is “Do not let it get hot”, a wine expert said. That is because the high and unconstant temperature can affect the wine’s quality.

If you put your cooking wine in the kitchen and cook in that room, the unstable and high temperature will be the reason why the wine gets worse.

The heat can come from the dishwasher, the fridge or the coffee pot. Therefore, you had better put cooking wine at a cool place. For example, a closet or a drinks cabinet is ideal.

Mini drinks cabinet

If you plan to use up the cooking wine in some days, putting it in the fridge is acceptable. However, if you want to store cooking wine for a long time, I recommend that you put the bottle at other places, a closet for instance.
Do you know why?
Because the refrigerator is an equipment used to preserve food, its temperature is not stable, which will affect the wine’s quality. You can find cooking wine changing in scent, flavor, and color after it is stored in the fridge for a long time.

How long does cooking wine last?

How long does cooking wine last?

Any wine’s shelf-life depends on several factors, including the label, vintage, method of preparation and the way it is stored. Good bottled cooking wine can last for some years.
However, its using time is limited once it is opened.

After we open a wine, it is easier for oxidation to happen. The oxygen that gets through the tiny opening of the lid can oxidize the wine though the amount of air is quite small.
For red wine, it lasts about 1 day and white wine can be kept within 3 days. If you store it in a refrigerator, you can use it for up to two weeks.

Besides, you can also refrigerate it. Some people freeze cooking wine in ice strays or small bags. Then, they will take it out when they want to use them in their stews. Freezing wine can help the wine last several months.

In general, cooking wine can not get bad too quickly, because the salt content in cooking wine is much higher than that in regular wine. However, it will deteriorate sooner or later.
The tighter you close the bottle wine, the longer it can last.

I suggest that you use and enjoy cooking wine within the first 24 hours for the best taste. However, some kinds of wine may be the nicest in the next days.

Can you use expired cooking wine?

An easy way to know whether your cooking is expired or not is to check the best-before date on the packaging. If the wrapping is no longer on the bottle, you can also realize if the wine is bad with some signs.

Original good cooking wine has a frowst smell of wine, the aroma of grapes. However, if you take your wine out and realize that it has a sour smell, you can be sure that it goes bad.

Anyhow, you should not use expired  wine for cooking or enjoy it as a drink. The best way to avoid bad consequences of old wine is to throw it away and buy another bottle of wine.
Therefore, it is almost impossible for you to use expired cooking wine in cooking and it is also unable to drink.

The flavor deterioration may bother you if you drink old wine. Besides, if you cook food with expired wine, your food quality may decrease and even unacceptable.
The most important thing is that it is not safe for you! You may be sick or poisoned by out-of-date wine.

In conclusion

Cooking wine is a kind of wine, but it is also used as an ingredient in cooking various dishes. You can see the expiry date is quite short. Therefore, if you have got some wine, use it immediately.

Unless you enjoy the wine soon, it will be a waste. Although expired cooking wine can still be used for cooking, it is not as nice as the new one.
“The sooner, the better”

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