How To Clean A Cast Iron Skillet? Now You Can Do By Yourself

Dishes and pots are easier to wash. Yet, skillets would need more caution. Is your skillet getting sticky? Is that why you are here, crave to how to clean a cast iron skillet ?

There will be a lot of things you need to remember like: don’t use soap, don’t scrub it too much to avoid scratching. etc. It’s okay buddy, you are in the right place. Let me help you with my experience.

Let me instruct you how to clean a cast iron skillet.

Should you wash your skillet with soap and how to clean a cast iron skillet?

You do not need to. Many cooking specialists say you only need to clean it with hot water. Washing it with soap would have taken away it’s seasoning.

You only need to do it when your skillet has somehow become too dirty or rusty. We will do a thoroughly clean, and then re-season it.

Things to prepare

So what do we need here?

We can cross out soap and steel wool on the list. Do not put it in a dishwasher.

For preparation, we will need a sponge, a clean dry cloth or paper towel. Vegetable oil ( or any other oils, melted shortening ) is essential. You can use Kosher salt or not. A stove to quickly dry your skillet and your cast iron skillet, of course.


Now, here are the steps to clean your cast iron skillet appropriately.

Steps to clean your cast iron

1. Do it instantly

When you have finished your cooking, clean your skillet immediately would be the best.

Since the heat was still there, it would be easier to wash out the grease. Also, leave your skillet in the sink overnight may make it rust.

2. Hot water for grease

In case you didn’t clean it right away, pour some hot water inside and carefully clean it with sponges or brushes when you do.

Caution: Always aware that you are using boiling water here, so be careful with your hands! I will recommend you to do this with gloves.

3. Remove left-over

Hot water will help you to remove grease but other hard stuck-on food, you would have to take it out by physical force.

However, be aware that you don’t need to use too much force here but to scrub it gently with water or Kosher salt. Otherwise, the seasoning could be taken off.

4. Dry it entirely

Simply wipe it with dry clean clothes or towels. Otherwise, you can use the oven for better results.

Place your skillet upside down and turn on low heat in about 3 ( up to 5 ) minutes should be enough to dry your cast iron skillet entirely.

5. Coat it with oil

Now pour in just a little oil and wipe it with the cloth or paper towel you prepare previously. Remember, you only need a light coat so don’t overpour it.

In case you unintended poured too much, we could use it to wipe the outside of the skillet.

6. Store it in a dry place

Like all other cooking equipment, basic knowledge required you to put your pans, pots, utensils, dishes, and your cast iron skillet somewhere dry and clean.

Ideal places would be in a cupboard with a right vent.

Remove Rust From Your Skillet

I have mentioned before that you shouldn’t clean your skillet with soap or steel wool. However, it is necessary to use steel wool when you need to remove rust.

Use only a small amount of soap and rub your cast iron skillet with minimum force. Baking soda will also work.

Nevertheless, you will need to re-season your skillet after doing such a thing.

How To Re-season Your Cast Iron Skillet Precisely

Preparation is relatively the same as what you need to clean your skillet. Sponge, soap, clean and dry cloths or paper towels, vegetable oil, and Aluminum foil.

Seasoning Your Skillet

1. Heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in advance

Turn on your oven and let it preheat while we are working on other steps. We will use it later.

2. Wash your skillet with soap

Cast iron skillet shouldn’t be washed with soap but we are doing re-season here, so it’s ok. Use the sponge and dish soap to make sure your skillet is cleaned wholly.

3. Let it dry

Rinse with your clean and dry clothes, then left it bare.

4. Make a light coat with oil

This step is relatively the same as when you clean your skillet. Pour a little vegetable oil in, then use your clothes gently rub it. Make a light coat both in and outside of your skillet.

It doesn’t have to be vegetable oils. You can choose any of oil available or melted shortening.

5. Bake and let it cool

Turn your skillet upside down and place it on the center rack, put the Aluminium foil under it. Bake it for about an hour, let it cool down, and you can put it away.

To Conclude

That’s all the instruction you need to know about how to clean a cast iron skillet , my friend. Now you can distinguish between when to and when not to use dish soap — furthermore, how to wash and re-season your skillet.

So let make sure you’ll do it properly from now on.

If there is something you still haven’t understood yet or something you want to correct. Please feel free to leave a comment below to let us know.