How To Tenderize Steak – What Is The Best Way To Tenderize Steak?

Steak has become a familiar dish not only in Western but also Asian countries. It is quite easy to cook for some people, but it seems difficult for newbies to cook a perfect dish of beef steak.

Normally you can buy a meat tenderizer. It is an electrical tool to tenderize meat, however not everyone knows how to use it. Besides, not everybody could afford meat tenderizers.

So you wonder how to tenderize steak without a tenderizer?

I will give you the answer below.

Tenderized steak

What Is The Best Way To Tenderize Steak?

When people prepare food, they often use some spices to tenderize meat. It is  a traditional and easy way to do. Common spices often include sour, herbal and cooking oil. Let’s try some of the following meat tenderizers to make the steak tender.

1. Green tea or Black tea

green tea

Tea contains tannin, which is a natural emollient. In addition, tea also brings a very special flavor to the dish. So green or black tea is good to tenderize steak.

You can make a small amount of black tea or green tea as dense as possible and then marinate it into meat and other spices.

2. Wine or fruit juice

These acidic solutions help to soften the meat and add flavor. You could use lemon, orange or pineapple, as these fruits have a sour flavor. Besides, wine is also a good choice because it contains tannin acid.

And it will be better if you have red wine, because red wine makes steak more tasty and more coloured than white wine.

3. Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce

Tomatoes contain acid that can tenderize meat effectively. And tomatoes also increase the flavor of dishes and help dishes look more attractive. Therefore, many marinades have tomato ingredients.

Besides, it is quite easy to make tomato sauces, so you should try it.

4. Beer


Many cooking lovers like to marinate food with beer, because it helps remove the strong smell of meat or seafood and creates an unforgettable flavor as well. Beer also contains acid and tannin so it not only tenderizes the meat but also creates a special flavor.

However, you should not marinate steak in beer in less than one hour to have an effective result.

5. Soft drink

Like beer and some other spices, soft drinks also contain acid, which tenderize steak. So to make meat more delicious, you should marinate steak in it for at least 30 minutes and up to 24 hours.

6. Ginger


Ginger is a popular spice used to marinate meat. But do you know ginger has a distinct aroma and contains proteolytic enzymes? It helps break down proteins naturally and make steak tender.

7. Coffee


Coffee is a natural tenderizer, and it also helps enhance the flavor of the dish.

Well, the way to marinate steak in coffee is simple. You should  prepare a little dense coffee and chill it, then marinate the steak with other spices. However, you should not marinate it for more than 24 hours.

8. Baking soda

Baking soda

Baking soda is a familiar ingredient in cooking. It also makes meat tender when you marinate steak with it.

There are two ways to marinate meat with baking soda. The first way, you could sprinkle baking powder on the meat, rub it, and then refrigerate for a few hours.

Or you can try the second way that you mix baking powder with a little water and you marinate steak with it. Please remember to remove baking soda with water before cooking.

For these tips, I guess you may choose one  for yourself before you are ready to cook a tasty steak.

But wait!  I still have one more effective ingredient for you.

Can We Use Table Salt To Tenderize Steak?

Tenderize steak with table salt

Some people may think that salt makes steak harder and drier when we marinate the steak with it. That’s why they may advise you not to use salt to marinate meat. Actually it is not true.

In fact, when we marinate steak with table salt, the steak absorbs the moderate amount of salt to break down the protein. Thus, it becomes firmer but tender. But you should salt steak at least 10 minutes t before cooking it. Then, you can add other marinated spices.

Or you can try another way.

Let’s use a moderate amount of table salt, apply directly to both sides of the steak, and leave it for 1 hour in the refrigerator. After that, you take the steak out and wash it to remove the moderate salt. Then, you use tissue papers to drain it. Now, you can marinate it with other spices, but remember not to salt it again.


For these recommended tips above, I believe you now know how to tenderize steak effectively.

Let’s choose some suitable tips. Then, you can make an awesome steak by yourself.

And if you have any thoughts or contributions to the above information, please let us know in the comment section.