Is Magnalite Cookware Safe To Use? The Best Answer

If you want to buy a set of Magnalite cooking instruments but are still wondering “Is Magnalite cookware safe to use?”, you can find out the answer here.

In this article, I will solve your wonder thoroughly by providing you with necessary information on the composition of Magnalite’s cooking utensils, scientific studies around them, and my own experience with these items.
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Magnalite cookware looks eye-catchy, but is it safe to use them?

What is Magnalite cookware made of ?

If you do not know, Magnalite cookware is cast of magnesium or aluminum alloy. This product line was originally designed by the company WagnerWare since 1934.
Nowadays, there are both anodized and non-anodized models in the market.

Since there is some concern about the harm of aluminum to human health, many customers begin to doubt about the safety of Magnalite cookware usage.
So, is there any potential threat from these items? Let’s read the results and analysis of scientific studies below.

Is Magnalite cookware safe to use?

If you let untreated aluminum directly contact with acid or salty foods, a lot of aluminum can infuse the dish. You can see this on your own by putting an aluminum foil on these types of foods. After a few hours, the aluminum foil will become pitted dramatically.

But what is the point?
Although a high dose of aluminum intake is proven to be dangerous to our body (often neurological problems), the cause of this is unlikely to be Magnalite cookware.
Why? Let me show you what the scientists have discovered.

Today, most aluminum cooking utensils are anodized. This process alters the molecular structure so that aluminum cannot intrude on food, including acidic and salty ones.
Therefore, most authorities and medical communities conclude that anodized aluminum pots and pans are safe to cook.

Rather, they believe that the overdose of aluminum intake is mainly via skin contact because even if you consume high-aluminum foods, your digestion system hardly absorbs aluminum in this way.

In short:
While untreated aluminum cookware might leak into food, there is a scarce chance that they are responsible for human health issues. And, anodized Magnalite cooking instruments are absolutely safe for you.

My Experience

After you have got all of the necessary information on Magnalite cookware from researches, as a person who has knowledge about cooking instruments and has used Magnalite cookware, I will analyze their pros and cons as well as give you some helpful advice.

As there are two types of Magnalite cookware – anodized and non-anodized aluminum, I will have to tell you that anodized aluminum will feature the following pros but exclude the cons and vice versa.


  • Conduct heat well.
  • Durable enough to last for dozens of years.
  • Bright and attractive appearance.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Lightweight.


  • Very soft and weak.
  • May emit aluminum toxicity.
  • Can discolor food.
  • Can interfere with foods in several unwanted chemical reactions.

My Advice

If your Magnalite cooking pieces of equipment are made from anodized aluminum, you can feel free to cook whatever and whenever you like.

On the contrary, cooking with non-anodized pots and pans means you should only prepare foods in low acid levels such as quinoa or potatoes.

To maintain your Magnalite cookware’s quality, you ought to avoid changing its temperature suddenly or scratching it by rough and stiff utensils.


Now you must have known the full answer for the question “Is Magnalite cookware safe to use”, right? On top of that, you can feel absolutely assured that what you have learned is true because they are all based on scientific researches and my realistic experience.
However, if you want to ask something more, feel free to comment below this post.
Thanks for reading!

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  • How do you know if it’s anodized or non-andouzed? Can you make a pot roast in a non anodized pan ?

    I have another pan I use for making popcorn which makes the most wonderful popcorn. I hope I don’t have to give that up. These are pretty old pans that came from my mother-in-law, so I have a feeling they’re not anodized. Thank you for the information