Kitchen Basics 3 In 1 Meat Grinder Review

Most of us prefer preparing our own food for obvious reasons. We tend to be very particular and health conscious when it comes to the kind of food that goes on our plate. But, does being health conscious only mean buying fresh food and cooking it well? The answer is no. It is a process that will involve processing the meat and vegetables into the desired form and shape as well. This is where meat and vegetable grinders come into the picture.

And if you are searching for such a grinder, you do not want to miss out on the Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder. To put it lightly, this product spoils you for choices. It is amazing that so much can be done using a single product. If you want to create your own sausage, hamburger, ground meats, vegetable pastes, pasta or even pet food at home, consider this model.

Why you buy Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder ?

  • It is the perfect grinder for budget-minded home makers who want to grind their own meat and vegetables. It lets them add variety to the meal by preparing various sizes of healthy sausages and different pastas as well.
  • It is easy to use and very durable if used in the right way. Gone are the days when you had to be content with a metal grinder that presented all sorts of problems. It has now given way to the plastic versions which are easier to use as well as durable.
  • There is minimal maintenance required. The parts can be easily cleaned using a dishwasher without having to remove any parts. However, for best results, clean the stainless steel plates by hand.

Pros and cons

Users have generally registered a positive feedback about this product. Let us look at some pros and cons of this product.


• Grind boneless meat, vegetables, sausages, pastas.
• It is cheap.
• Offers variety and ease of use
• Made of food-grade plastic, therefore no sharp edges.
• Handle made of solid metal, allowing you to exert pressure as desired.
• Smooth to operate, with minimal maintenance.
• The funnel and screen variations add freshness to your menu


• Not effective for grinding hard meat.
• Low holding capacity of 2 cups
• Too many meat pieces may cause the hopper and blades to jam.

The suction cup lets you attach the grinder/mincer to any even surface. Care should be taken to ensure the surface is level, because otherwise there is a risk of the grinder falling off during operation.

Frequently Asked question

Is it durable?
It depends entirely on the usage. If you use the product to grind soft boneless meat and finely cut vegetables, you can use it for a very long time.

What is the capacity?
Since it is designed for home users, the capacity is restricted to one or two cups of finely cut meat or vegetables. And while making pasta, feed the dough into the holder directly.

Can it grind bones?
No, the product is designed to ground meat, hence please do not use it to grind bones. It may harm the blades.


Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder is an absolutely affordable and user-friendly product for light-duty mincing and grinding.

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  • Hi, I was recently given the Kitchen Basics Grinder/Mincer/Pasta Maker as a gift. Absolutely love it.
    My problem is the blade has gone missing, possibly been thrown in the trash.
    Is there any way I can order another blade? I'm at a lost without this grinder. Best item in my kitchen.

    Thank you.