Lem 575 Watt Meat Grinder Review

Using the LEM 575 Watt  Meat Grinder will  make you  replace  your old and  broken meat grinder. This grinder  brings in more  power and efficiency to the grinding world than most of its closest competitors. It is a lightweight machine that can be moved from one place to another without ever getting tired. Most people love it because of its compact size that makes it fit in any space around the kitchen. Let us get into some fun details about the grinder.

The Benefits of the Product

It is light duty with more processing capability

This machine can be seen as light duty, but it can still handle more work than expected. The manufacturer claims that it can process 1 to 2 deer per year. It should be able to handle most of your processing needs.

It is compact in size

It is a small and compact grinder that will easily fit in tight spots still in the kitchen. Its design also makes it easy to blend in with other kitchen appliances. Its compact size makes it have better portability.

A powerful motor for better grinding

Any customer would be happy to use this grinder as it has a powerful 575-watt motor. This motor can help grind even the untendered meat easily.

Many aluminum parts for durability

The aluminum parts make the grinder to have a sturdy construction. It will not break easily even when dropped. The aluminum parts also make it have a better chance against corrosion issues.

Features of the Product

  • It has an easy to read power indicator
  • It is compact in size for easy storage on the kitchen countertop
  • It is a powerful 575 watt grinder
  • It can work in both forward and reverse speeds
  • It has a large aluminum meat pan, meat stomper for storing the sausage and stuffing plate
  • The grinder comes with two stainless steel plates, a stuffing tube, a plastic stuffing plate and stainless steel grinder knife
  • It is UL approved

Product Specifications

  • Motor runs on 575 watts of energy
  • Has forward and reverse speed settings
  • Comes with stainless steel plates (two coarseness settings)
  • Grinder knife is also made from stainless steel
  • Comes with a stuffing plate and tube

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Check out meat grinder reviews and you’ll find this one of the most reliable. There’s very little negative feedback about it. In fact, it has earned a 67% perfect score and 20% four-star rating on Amazon. They like how affordable it is for an electric grinder that really does heavy-duty grinding work. It also grinds deer meat, which can be a problem with other flimsier meat grinders. It has enough power to work as a commercial grinder although it’s not meant to be one.

Product User Guide

If you just bought this grinder, you might be asking yourself how exactly to assemble it and get started with the grinding part. Here is a short guide for you.

  • Attach the different parts of the grinder together as indicated in the manual
  • Ensure that you cut the strips of meat into the required sizes before putting them into the grinder.
  • Stuff meat into the grinder as an acceptable rate. Too much stuffing will not get you the ground meat faster. It is a great grinder with a powerful motor, so it should get the job done fairly quickly.
  • As simple as that, you should have the meat ground and ready for the next step of preparing a great meal.

Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

It goes without mentioning that you have to clean the parts of the grinder after using it. Most people are likely to forget about the cleaning part and store a dirty grinder. You might end up attracting flies and other undesirable odor if the machine is not cleaned.

Remember that the machine parts are not dishwasher friendly. You have to separate them and wash by hand using soapy water. Ensure that each part of the grinder is well cleaned before storing it.

If it gets broken on the electrical part, take it to a professional who can ensure that it gets back to its full performance. Trying to make it yourself without enough knowledge of the grinder might worsen the situation.


  • Where can I buy this grinder?

You can easily get this grinder from a reliable LEM dealer or buy from Amazon online store.

  • Is the grinder durable?

Yes, the grinder is made of several aluminum parts that make it durable

  • Can I wash the grinder parts in a dishwasher?

No. You will have to wash the parts by hand with soapy water when it comes to cleaning.


       The LEM 575 Watt Meat Grinder  is not for a person looking for a heavy-duty grinder. It is perfect for home use where the grinder might only take part once in a while. It works great to meet the needs of any family because of its impressive large and powerful motor. If you are okay with plastic and aluminum parts, this grinder should be great for you as it can grind at a fast rate like any other high-end model.