Prime Rib Vs Ribeye – The Most Differences You Need To Know

You guys don’t know what are the differences between prime rib vs. ribeye, do you? Well, then you are in the right place.

The differences between prime rib vs. ribeye are, indeed, not clear and easy to see, which makes us often mistaken for each other. We are sure that most of you have already tasted beef steak but not knowing which parts you were enjoying.

Prime rib and ribeye are too similar because they come from the same part of the beef. So how can we distinguish these two delicious pieces?

Let us help you with the most differences between prime rib vs. ribeye.

What is this ?

What is the similarity of prime rib vs ribeye?

Honestly, do you find them the same?

If yes, then it’s easy to understand because we, guests and customers, may not know much about the cutting positions or parts. The most important things we care about are the nutrition and how the beef steak tastes like. And, both prime rib and ribeye have a bit the same flavor that you may not distinguish.

Prime rib and ribeye are both muscle parts of the beef with heavily marbled meat, which is very rich and tasty. They come from the most savory and expensive parts of a cow – rib.

The most exciting thing here is that the prime rib consists of ribeye. While prime rib is a roast with thick and fat meat, including bones, ribeye is a steak that is cut from prime rib. Thus, we can also say ribeye steak is a part of the prime rib.

Prime Ribs

However, a few similarities don’t make these two pieces the same. You will know the most different things between prime rib vs. ribeye after finding out the below parts. Stay tuned and keep scrolling.

Differences between prime rib vs. ribeye

There are four features or standards you need to check out when distinguishing between prime rib vs. ribeye.

What are they?

1. Texture

The prime rib, also known as the standing rib roast, is cut from a large area of the rib. This is a large roasting joint with a bone running alongside and covering a bit of fat and muscle. As mentioned previous, the prime rib also includes a large piece of ribeye.

If you touch this meat, you will find it soft with a little moisture thanks to the fat and bone.

Ribeye is located between the 6th and 12th rib, which is the softest part of the rib. Based on the low working frequency from this part, we know that the ribeye is the most tender and delicious. It’s also well-marbled meat, which has rich flavor and nutrition.

Ribeye doesn’t have bone attached
Ribeye is boneless

2. Taste and flavor

Well, you may not know the difference when tasting the prime rib and ribeye, it’s true. But after this article, you maybe like a food critic in the term of rib steak and roast.

Both the prime rib and ribeye offer a rich flavor of beef, but their taste is different. Because the prime rib has a bone and more fat, we can feel it a bit stronger and more flavory.

A roasted piece of prime rib

Meanwhile, ribeye offers a mild and soft taste that no other parts can do. The most delicate part of the rib has a smooth and buttery flavor that it can melt in your mouth at the very first bite. It’s better to enjoy the piece of meat at medium-rare cooked so that it will keep the softness, smoothness, and original taste.

3. Cost

When you decide to buy a prime rib vs. ribeye, it comes to the price of both pieces. If you care much about the cost (which you probably should), then here is our suggestion.

On the market, a prime rib is more expensive than a single ribeye steak; it’s obvious because a prime rib is much larger than a ribeye steak. However, if we change the unit to pound, the price of 1-pound prime rib is more than that of 1-pound ribeye. This is because the prime rib has a richer, stronger flavor, including more fat and marbling.

If you want to buy a prime rib with the exact size, go to the butcher or specialty stores to get it as supermarkets only have smaller precut steak.

Well, we are not done yet. The most exciting here is that you can get a prime rib or ribeye at a steakhouse restaurant, and the price of a ribeye portion is higher than a prime rib piece. Surprised!

Really? Do they sell specific parts of the rib for takeaway? Yes, they do. But why does a ribeye steak cost more than a prime rib?

It’s easy to understand. This is because cooking a large big roast of meat is easier and saving more than cooking separate pieces of meat.

Which should be better for grilling: prime rib or ribeye?

Of course, ribeye is better for grilling because it’s thinner and softer than a prime rib. Moreover, you cannot grill a large piece of meat as it doesn’t get enough heat to be cooked evenly.

However, you should bake the ribeye in the oven first for interior cooking, before turning out to grill or sear in a pan.


So you are well-aware of the most differences between prime rib vs. ribeye. They both have similar features, and it’s not easy to point out the differences if you don’t pay attention to them. However, you are currently like a food critic in the term of rib. What are you waiting for? Let’s practice and try a piece of prime rib and ribeye now.