Proofreader note – How To Tell If Steak Is Bad ?

You are preparing dinner for the whole family with delicious steak dishes, but there is something wrong with. It is not as bright red as you expect. You wonder about the quality of this steak. But you don’t know how to tell if steak is bad.


So what should you do with it?

We will help you to recognize lousy steak right now!

How to tell if steak is bad?

Step 1: Check the shelf life of the steak

We all know that keeping steak in the fridge helps preserve it better and slows down the spoilage process. However, it does not mean that you can use steak beyond the expiry date. You need to use your steak before it expires, even if you keep it in the freezer. Remember, don’t try an expired steak.

Because a lot of people have a habit of keeping food and meat cold in the freezer for a long time before use, some people may wonder, “Does steak go bad in the fridge?”. Keep in mind that if you keep steak for too long, even in a refrigerator, it will still lose their original nutrients.

And in the case of improper storage, they will go bad no matter what the environment is. In general, steaks can last for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. And you need to use them before they expire.

If you can’t read the expiry date, remember that most steaks can be stored in the refrigerator safely for 3 to 5 days. If you don’t know when the steak was stored in the fridge, it’s best not to eat it.

Step 2: Check the surface of the steak

If you can feel the slippery or sticky surface of the steak, it’s a sign that the steak has gone bad.

Also, you may notice that the color of the steak does not look normal. A fresh piece of steak will have a dark red color. If you see strange blobs like yellowish-brown or green, then the steak is spoiled.

You may also notice mold on the surface of the steak. That’s a clear sign that you can’t eat that steak anymore.

Can you eat steak if it turns brown?

The color of the steak is essential for you to know whether it is still fresh or not. However, not all red meats have the same color. The color of the steak may vary depending on the diet, age, and gender of the animal.

Quality of this steak

Besides, when you expose a piece of meat to the air, it will darken over time, but that does not mean the meat is bad.

So you need to rely on other clearer signs to determine if your steak is still edible.

Step 3: Check the smell of the steak

A good piece of steak may not smell anything special, but a bad piece of steak will have a distinctly recognizable odor. You will know it is spoiled if it smells like ammonia. It is a sign that a piece of meat has been invaded by bacteria, and you should not eat it.

What happens if you eat spoiled steak?

A spoiled steak is home to many harmful bacteria like Salmonella, Bacillus and Escherichia coli. When meat is contaminated with these bacteria, it is mutated and has toxins inside.

Spoiled steak

So, even if you use heat for cooking the steak and killing most of the bacteria, toxins remain in the meat. Also, some types of bacteria survive even when you freeze or grill, so your steak is no longer safe to eat.


So now you know how to tell if steak is bad after reading this article. Because a bad steak can cause many illnesses, so if your steak has any of the signs mentioned above, stop eating it right away.

You should pay attention to preserve meat at a safe temperature; do not leave it at room temperature for a long time. When storing in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator, eat the steak before they expire.

If you know any other signs to realize a bad steak, let us know in the comment section. See you!