Short Review Top Meat Grinders 2021

You won’t regret purchasing a meat grinder. It’s going to widen your kitchen experience and improve the way you look at ground meat. So make sure you choose the best meat grinder for your needs carefully and pick the one that is suitable for your cooking requirements.

Without further ado, here are the top meat grinder 2021  with my reviews:

1. Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker

Perfect inexpensive choice for home cooks and chefs looking for an all-in-one machine. It functions as a meat grinder, a vegetable mincer and as a pasta maker so no need to buy these machines separately. The price is very affordable.

The machine itself boasts of 7 inches in height with a 4 and ¼-inch diameter base for a compact, easy-to-hide kitchen equipment. The product is lightweight at 2.2 pounds, thanks to its mostly plastic construction.

The whole set will give you mincing, grinding and pasta-making attachments – two types of mincing plates, three kinds of pasta attachments and one sausage funnel attachment.

2. KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers

This is a plastic attachment food grinder that works with your existing KitchenAid mixer. Price is cheap, which is great for budget-conscious customers.

Completely detachable – after using, remove it from the mixer and wash it with soapy water without a problem. All accessories included come with a 1-year replacement warranty.

Construction is plastic including the food tray and sausage stuffer kit so the whole product is very lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.

The meat and vegetable trays are large, thereby accommodating more meat and veggies in one go. It is easy to keep it hidden when not in use because of its detachable feature.

3. Sunmille SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

This electric grinder boasts of a whopping 800W to 1HP motor performance. That’s a whole lot of power for an electric grinder that costs so little.

Its inexpensive price is one of its best features but we can’t also discount the durable stainless steel construction, the built-in circuit breaker and the hush-hush motor performance.

It weighs about 8.8 pounds and has a height of 13.6 inches, giving you so much room to groove in your kitchen. 1 year manufacturer warranty is included in your purchase along with 3 reliable stainless steel cutting plates, 3 types of sausage attachments.

4. Chef’s Choice 796 Premium Metal Food Grinder

This is a motorless food grinder attachment that operates when you hook it up to your KitchenAid mixer. The whole equipment only has a meat try and a grinding mechanism attached at the bottom.

With a stainless steel construction, this equipment is a cinch to clean. For an attachment, the price is a little on the expensive side but still quite affordable if you compare it to other meat grinders.

It weighs only 2.1 pounds and has dimensions 8.8 x 4.8 x 8.5 inches – it doesn’t take up so much space and is easy to keep in your kitchen cabinets. Though it doesn’t have a motor, it comes with a one year limited warranty.

5. LEM Products 1182 Electric Countertop Meat Grinder

This mid-priced electric meat grinder can be displayed proudly in your kitchen. A tad pricier than other electric grinders but still worth the money with its 650 Watt motor power that allows pounds and pounds of meat to be ground in very little time.

Comparatively, it’s a little heavier at 7.12 pounds but it still boasts of a compactness that can allow you to use this even in limited counter space. This machine is also one of the few electric meat grinders with forward and reverse speed settings.

Only three stainless steel plates are included (choose from 3, 4.8, 8 mm coarseness settings) but worth the deal with the large stuffing tube, sharp cutting knife and durable meat stomper included.