The Best Portable Gas Grill: How To Choose The Best Value?

Are you looking for the best portable gas grill?  Let’s face the fact: A full-sized grill is not an ideal choice for trips.

If you are reading these sentences, it means that you need a portable gas grill for moving place to place quickly and easily. Or simply, you don’t want to make a significant investment in a thing that you don’t use regularly.

In these cases, please don’t pay attention to the weight, and the price only.

You have to consider some further questions:

  • How many people are there on your trip?

This aspect is the key to choose the cooking surface.

  • Will you cook one or more than kinds of meats?

It plays a vital role in choosing the number of burners and grill racks.

  • Are you the first-time user or an experienced user?

For the first case, you should buy a model with detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

After knowing what you are looking for, read the reviews below, you will find out an appropriate option for sure:

Top 5 Best Portable Gas Grill Reviews :

Below are the top 5 best portable gas grill products which can meet most demands of readers:

1: Coleman RoadTrip 285 – The best stand-up propane grill

Although Coleman RoadTrip 285 is propane and compact grill, it brings terrific experiences of using a stand-up and full-sized model.

You can stand to grill your foods anywhere because it has already scissor legs, which allow you to fold it up and roll it out like a suitcase. Compared to a full-sized unit, this grill takes less room to store, so you carry it a place to place for use simply.

However, you can set your mind at rest because the manufacturer doesn’t sacrifice many functionalities for the potability.

The 20.000 BTUs grilling power and 285 square-inches cooking area let you to grill lots of foods at the same time to serve a whole family.

While other portable grills are designed one or two burners, this model provides you with 3 independently adjustable ones for cooking more side dishes.

This design is suitable for people who don’t have many experiences for cooking, for example, regulating the temperature via the integrated thermometer.

Is your camping area cramped without having much space for storing small things?
The good news is that you can slide two side tables out for kitchen utensils and beverages.

In spite of a compact design, this grill is pretty heavy. So, you should be careful when transporting.

Pros :

  • Two wheels.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to clean and set up.
  • 3-year warranty.

Cons :

  • Shallow and long water tray.
  • Messy.

2: Cuisinart CGG-306 – The most professional tabletop gas grill

Do you want to have the best lightweight and portable grill, which brings a lot of professional features?
If yes, Cuisinart CGG – 306 is your solution.

It can roast and smoke large cuts of meat by indirectly grilling on the surface.
First of all, you sear your cuts of meats over a hot burner after that, move to the grill’s cool to cook in an oven-like environment slowly.

We make sure that your meats are cooked in the center without being charred on the outside. The heat is controlled very well, and the burner is farthest from your meats.
They won’t overheat, so you don’t have to flip and turn them regularly.

Like other products, you take this model everywhere thanks to its smart features: the folding legs, locking cover, and a comfortable carrying handle.

Its shallow dome doesn’t allow you to cook a whole ham

Pros :

  • Possible to monitor temperatures via an exact built-in thermometer.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not required assembly.
  • Well built.

Cons :

  • Not good customer service.

3: Weber 50060001 Q1000 – The easiest-to-use model

Actually, Weber 50060001 Q1000 is the fully assembled grill, so you can immediately use it after unboxing.

It takes less effort on your end to clean this model because of the cast aluminum material of the lid and body, as well as the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates.

Although it has a small and lightweight design for easy transportation, you can still serve enough four people at a time. Its only one burner can create 8500 BTUs per hour to heat the whole 189 square-inch cooking area.

What’s more, it has push-button ignition as well as infinite control burner valve settings to control heat better.

However, you need to spend about 10-15 minutes to preheat at a high temperature.

Pros :

  • Durable.
  • Even heat.
  • Possible to hook up to RV.

Cons :

  • No temperature gauge and side shelves.

4: Cuisinart CGG-180 – The best portable grill

Although all products on this list are portable gas grills, Cuisinart CGG-180 is the best of the best.

Unlike Coleman RoadTrip 285, this grill is lightweight (17 pounds), so it’s effortless to carry and transport this model. Moreover, this unit has an integrated lid lock to keep the model safe and secure during transportation. The manufacturer designs an extra briefcase-style handle to help you hold it comfortably.

This grill features a telescoping stand to set your grill at a high position. Of course, you can also use it on a tabletop without the stand. The setup only takes you about a few seconds.

Though it seems small to carry everywhere, the 5.500 BTU stainless steel burner and the 145-square inch cooking surface are enough to serve 4-6 people at the same time.

Finally, it takes less effort on your end to clean its porcelain-enameled grates.

This model has the small capacity of the drippings catcher. Thus, if you grill burgers, it will fill up and catch fire due to the grease.

Pros :

  • Simple to control the temperature.
  • Even heat.
  • Durable.

Cons :

  • Not good customer service.

5: Giantex OP3243 – The biggest grill

Giantex OP3243 is the best combination of tabletop grill and a full-sized barbecue. This means that you will have full-sized grill cooking experiences in a tabletop unit.

This product has two burners with 20.000 BTUs, but you can independently control each 10.000 BTU one to create 2 different heat zones. This versatility, combined with a spacious 266-square inch cooking space, can cook for a group of 8 people comfortably.

Despite the biggest size, serving a lot of people, its weight is only at 26 lbs, which is lightweight enough to carry it everywhere.

What’s more, it’s very straightforward to transport thanks to the support of the locking latches for the lid and the fold-up legs.

This grill can reach high heat quickly, but notably, its built-in-lid thermometer will let you know the current temperature of the grill.

It’s a bit hard to control the heat, leading to too high temperatures.

Pros :

  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean and set up.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Perfect for RV use.
  • Lightweight.

Cons :

  • The grates designed too close to the burners.

How to Choose A Good Portable Gas Grill?

Although the majority of portable gas grills have similar benefits such as safety, easy temperature control, not all of them are the best. You have to carefully consider many features before going to a shop or visiting a website as follows:

Top 5 Best Portable Gas Grill

Dealing with the grease

While charcoal grills burn off the drippings from your meats only, portable gas grills come with already some types of grease management systems.

Thus, if you use a portable gas grill outside, you should plan a way to remove the grease in a public space properly or bring it to your home to clean.

The numbers of burners and control knobs

Usually, a full-sized gas grill will have more than two control knobs, which allow you to cook your foods at different heats. With the portable gas grills, one burner with one heat level is enough to cook the same meats at the same time.

However, if you want to grill chicken breasts and strip steaks once time, you had better invest in a two-burner portable gas grill.

Warming racks and built-in thermometers

In case you need to serve a group of many people and you don’t want them to wait for long, the warming racks will be a great support. It can keep your cooked foods warm without needing to leave on the cooking surface.

Meanwhile, thermometers help you monitor the temperature even when you close the lid. This feature lets you know that you are cooking at the right heat all the time.


In general, the majority of portable gas grills have 2 main parts: propane bottle and a grill pan. Therefore, the installation won’t be a complicated process.

Plus, you have the support of the user manual. Just follow it to complete your model. Typically, it will be ready to cook in an hour.

If you love a built-in gas grill in your house, you may need the help of a professional technician.


When it comes to accessories, you should consider an extra gas bottle. Others include different grill plates, additional gas elements, temperature control lids, racks, and barbecue toolkits.

Who makes the best portable gas grill?

Here are 4 most famous brands of the portable gas grill, producing all high-quality products on this list. Let’s refer to some information about them below:


William Coffin Coleman founded this company in 1900 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Coleman Company deals in outdoor recreation products, and an outdoor gas grill is one of their highlight products.

Most parts of their propane gas grills are made from lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials, producing high-quality models.


Conair Corporation is the owner of Cuisinart, which is the American home appliance brand. In 1971, Carl Sontheimer founded this company, starting trading in an electric food processor on the US market.

The led created the main products of Cuisinart with his passion for French food.

He introduced his brand in January 1973 at the Chicago trade show. But, everything just began better since there was a review in Gourmet magazine.


In 1952, George Stephen , the founder of Weber, invented a revolution kettle grill. This is thanks to his love for grilling the best steaks for his loved ones. After that, the company had developed more and more high-quality products.


This is the leading Service-centric e-retailer in North America, which provides high-quality products at excellent prices. The categories include Hardware, Sporting Goods, Pet Supplies, Outdoor, Home, and Furniture.

Go out with the best portable gas grill!

The best portable gas grill provides your friends and family with delicious meals outdoor.

So, have you chosen a suitable option to have wonderful experiences? If you have had your answer, please let’s know. In case you still have other questions regarding this problem, leave your comment in the section below as well. We will answer all of them in our free time.

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